Wednesday, July 22, 2009

So bad lately!

I always told myself that if I started a blog that I would keep it updated frequently and have pictures in every post.............. well as you can see that hasn't happened. I will put pictures up I soon I promise! Got to keep everyone updated on how "fat" I am getting. HAHAHA!! But I thought I would write a little something to not be boring.
So here is an update...
I am 35 weeks along in my pregnancy... well tomorrow I will be so I'm writing it now because I can. Things are going really well, she just keeps growing and growing and growing! sometimes I don't think its possible for someone to fit a baby inside them especially when she moves sometimes! Yesterday she had the hiccups and she REALLY didn't like them! I could feel them in my pelvis and my back so I was feeling kind of tossed around that way, and then she was all irritated so she kept kicking around and moving up in my rips. I wish I could have video taped my stomach moving all over the place, it was pretty interesting to watch, but not the funnest thing to feel on the inside.
My feet are more swollen everyday and I think at the next doctor's appointment I will ask her if I should be worried. I'm not really all that worried, but just want to be sure.
Also... WE MOVED!!!!! We moved into a larger 2 bedroom apt. with new carpet! it is very exciting and a big thanks to our families for helping so much! And pictures are coming soon on that as well. We just need to finish the last few boxes and get a couple of things furniture wise.
Corey is also in a band! He has been wanting to be a singer of a band for a while and we just happen to be friends with someone that was in a band that needed a new singer so it worked out great! They are taking band pictures tonight so maybe I can get one to post!
Anyway that is really all that is happening with us right now so hope you enjoy!