Thursday, May 21, 2009

A day late...

Sorry this post is a little late, and I don't know who is really going to care... but because of the fact that nothing really exciting has happened worthy of blogging about I will just share this...


I am so happy she won! I was rooting for her from the very beginning but my hopes were dwindling because of the judges being so hard on her. She was so precise and never messed up a dance, yet the judging paddles rarely went above 9's. So frustrating!!! Especially when she has a flawless performance once again in the final Paso, and Melissa Rycroft (who I don't really care for anyway) has an extremely visible mistake that one of the judges commented on and she still STILL ends up getting a higher score than Shawn! So I have to say well done Shawn and Mark and well done America for voting!!! :)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

24 Weeks!

Here I am at 24 weeks! Taking the pictures is still really awkward for me. And please keep in mind that I am wearing maternity pants, and a somewhat maternity shirt(it wasn't intended for that at the store but I made it one ;) ) so my belly may look a little bigger than normal. I'm at the stage where depending on the shirt I either look REALLY pregnant or not just a little thicker.
She is kicking a lot, but it isn't really uncomfortable... yet... still haven't decided on names, its been a struggle getting Corey to agree on any, and I don't feel bad about saying that because he will be the first to tell you that!
My doctor said that everything is looking great and at my next appointment I am going to take the glucose test to see if I have developed gestational diabetes. I am not too worried about it though.
This morning was an AWESOME morning! I got to wake up and take a HOT shower... in MY shower! Our water heater broke over this last weekend, and I took about 3 cold showers, we called the landlord to fix it but the store with the part was closed so we had the water off for about a day and were using a vacant apt. for showering and going potty. (Not so fun when you are pregnant) anyway, our landlord ended up having to drive up to Salt Lake for the correct part and came down and fixed it! so YAY!!! YAY for hot showers!!!
Just as a side note, we haven't found out about Corey's program yet, some people have been asking and so I thought I would let everyone know, but we are hoping to hear back in the next week or two.
Also, I hate to put this on my blog but hey, what can you do? We are trying to sell our apartment contract. We have already signed a contract for a really cute 2 bedroom place close to where we are now, but our current contract isn't up until Aug. 31st. and we are moving on July 15th. so if anyone knows of anyone that would be interested, it does have orange carpet, but it is only $490 a month, and is pretty good sized, so if you could just spread the word we would really appreciate it!

Monday, May 4, 2009

last one I promise...

Virginia has this really cool place called Luray Caverns, it is awesome to see all of the stalactites! We learned that this guy once found out that if he attached a mallet to different stalactites that they would make different tones, so they hooked up an organ to them, it is the largest natural instrument it the world! and we got to hear a live performance it was awesome!!
They thought that was pretty cool!

How cute!

Sorry these pictures are kind of scrambled but I want to just show everything! This is seriously the way to travel in DC's many museums when your feet are killing, but you just want to see everything!

So this is really dark, but it is the Declaration of Independence! how cool is that?! the National Archives does not allow flash photography. The flash can harm the document. It is just amazing that they can preserve a document that is over 300 years old!! I think this was one of my favorite things to see!

And a little more...

So this is our second day in DC, and this is about as close as we got to the Washington Monument. Just FYI if you reserve tickets you have to call WAY in advance, like months... and if you just get them that day you have to go WAY early!
That is Marine 1 it flew over us like 5 times! it was pretty awesome.

WWII Memorial

Okay, so on our first day in DC it would rain for about 15 minutes, then the sun would come out, then it would rain, then sun and so on... well for lunch we brought peanut butter and jelly, and sat in the park next to the monument and had a tree for a little shelter. it was awesome, but I bet we were a pretty pathetic site! good stories though right!

Here's Corey and Steve getting our sandwiches ready, seriously how cold do they look?!

And More...

Here I am at the tiller of the Discovery (one of the first three ships to bring settlers to Jamestown) Rachel's in-laws have a timeshare out there so we were able to go see Jamestown (as in Pocahontas and Colonial Williamsburg) it was awesome!
Rachel wasn't super happy about wearing the bucket holder thing. I didn't volunteer to wear it either, we were both wearing white shirts!

Corey and Steve in the stocks in Williamsburg. I love their faces!!!

We are really small in this picture but here we are on the Susan Constant, the largest of the 3 ships that brought the settlers.

A little Refreshment

So after finals Corey and I were able to get away for a little while. My best friend lives out in Virginia and was very kind to let us come visit her and see the sites in Washington DC. It was a MUCH needed vacation and was so good to see her. Once again I don't really know how to navigate around the blog so I will have multiple posts with more pictures but as for now, enjoy! Here we are walking up to Lincoln.
This was one of the places I said was a must to visit! We were really only able to see one exhibit, but it was well worth it. As you can see Corey is pointing up to the sign for the Holocaust Museum, but I love the poster that says "think about what you saw" it was amazing! Going in and seeing "Daniel's Story" really touched me!

Here is Corey with FDR

And here we are in the FDR memorial. I love the water display that they do it is awesome!

Corey was getting a little intimidated by the size of his teeth at the Natural History Museum. A must if you have the chance to see the Smithsonian.