Tuesday, September 29, 2009

One Month... ALREADY!!!! YIKES!!!!!!!!

Our baby is already a month old as of TODAY!!! I can't believe it! She is definitely growing big and strong! She can already hold her head up for a good amount of time. But it is still heavy for her little body so she still needs some help now and then but I just can't believe that a month ago we were welcoming her into the world! Oh my goodness how time flies!!! Well as you can tell we got some pictures taken! Our good friend Angel was so sweet to offer her talent! Thank you so much! they turned out GREAT!!! Here are some highlights... hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

2 weeks ago...

My baby is already 2 weeks and 4 days old! I can't believe it! And where there has been very little sleep there have also been some really good times. We have some really cute pictures but once again I am a techno tard and can't seem to get them on the computer. so I promise I will get them on here soon!
Sadie had her 2 week appointment yesterday and I am very happy to report that the Doctor said she looks perfect from head to toe! YAY!!! Her head is 36 cm. around. 50th percentile, Corey was really glad to hear that considering I have a very large head and his is kind of small so we evened out with her ;)
Weight: 9lbs 11oz. 90th percentile! She gained more than a pound after leaving the hospital! (she left the hospital at 8lbs 6oz.) That makes me feel good as a mom that I am feeding her enough!
Height: 23 inches!!!!!!!! +100 percentile!!!!! She is so long!!!!!
She has been so much fun to have around!
We are taking some newborn pictures tonight actually so I will make sure to get those up as well!