Monday, November 30, 2009

The little engine that could

You know the story of the little engine that could? Where he had to make it up this big hill, but he was just a little guy. Well the whole way up he kept telling himself, "I think I can, I think I can," and he made it all the way up that big hill!

Well I have a big hill I need to get up. Sometimes when I look at it I don't know how I could possibly make it; it's so high and far away!

We are given challenges in our lives to help us grow as people. To shape us into the people we are continually trying to become. Everyone has their own challenges to face. Sometimes they are almost too hard to bare.

I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that our Heavenly Father will not give us anything we can't handle. And when it seems that he has, it just means we need him that much more. We NEED to turn to him! I'm cashing in all my tokens right now, and I know he hears me.

I know that my Heavenly Father hears my prayers. He knows of my every happiness, every sorrow, every desire, and every intention. He knows me better than I know myself.

So I will have to continue up that hill... I think I can, I think I can

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

So much to blog about!

So its only been about 2 weeks since I have blogged, but I haven't blogged a lot of things that have happened so this is going to be one big blog so I hope you enjoy the super random topics!

First off of course I have to show you pictures of our cute little girl!

First encounter...

She has been growing and learning so much! We put some toys on her little bouncy seat and at first it was totally stimulation overload!!!! She just couldn't stop staring! Now she is learning how to bat them around and she can almost hold on to them!!!
Thanks Auntie Melissa for the awesome shades!
Grandpa is lookin' awesome in his viking hat! I think Grandpa likes his little girl... just a bit....

Remember when I blogged that we were in Moab? Well I'm finally getting to posting some pictures!!!! YAY!!

It was my first time hiking in Arches, and I gotta say... I can't wait to go back!!!! I had a lot more fun than I thought I would! For those of you who haven't been, GO!! its totally fun! Here I am right when we got to delicate arch. The hike is about 1.5 miles one way. There is one part that really kicked my butt, but it doesn't last long. Anyway one cool thing about this hike is that you don't see delicate arch until you are just about there! There is a little arch that you can go through and see it (that's where I am in this picture) or if you keep going, you go around this bend and don't see it until the very last second and BOOM! there it is! So cool!!
Here's the both of us. A very nice German gentleman to this for us. Another cool thing is that Arches National Park attracts people from all around the world! We saw German, English, Asian, and French people!
Here's Corey at Landscape Arch. A big portion of this arch collapsed in the early 90's I think, so Corey and I are thinking this should be Delicate Arch and Delicate Arch should be Landscape Arch. Makes sense right?! With the whole license plate and all!
Photo op or what? We were thinking of staying the night in here... survivor man would be proud!

See this rock to the left of where Corey is standing? That is actually an arch that we are on top of... kind of... that is Double O Arch. You can climb up and out on top of the arch, but since there wasn't anyone to take our picture really, we just stood close to where you walk out but we did climb up!
There I am next to Double O Arch. If you look up in the left corner where the rock starts pointing up again, that is about where Corey was standing in the previous picture.
Us and the cool landscape right before we climb down a fin!

Spaghetti Squash of Steel!!!!! (Note to self- turn up the fridge temp.!)

So in my attempt to be more domestic I have been cooking dinner a little more often. (Only like the last 3 nights but still that has got to count for something!) Anyway... I had this wonderful thought I would make steak, potatoes, and squash.
So I'm getting everything going and I pull the squash out of the fridge and it is super cold! But I think that a regular serrated knife should be able to cut through.... well it makes a little scratch.... so I stab it!!! yeah..... then I can't get the knife out!! So I call in the big guns and have Corey pull the knife out. So he tries the cleaver... yeah not so much.... determined that I am going to get this thing open I call in the REALLY big guns!!

I got it open!!! If you can see it here is a little better picture...
That's right! a cleaver with a little help from the hammer and it opened! I WIN!!!

.......... however sadly, even though I love spaghetti squash I stink at cooking it. Unfortunately my hard work didn't really pay off....... Any help with how to cook a squash would be greatly appreciated!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Baby's First Halloween!

Happy Halloween to everyone!!! I hope everyone had a great holiday! Corey's friends came down from Salt Lake and they came to a super fun masquerade hosted by some friends. Mercedes, in the purple and black is Huntress. Tom in the black and blue is Nightwing. Juli, in the black is The Black Canary. and Mike in the green is the Green Arrow. It was lots of fun!
And here is our little family! Mario, Luigi and little Wario!!!! We got the 3rd place award for best baby costume. We are convinced its because we were the only ones that drew on our child ;) She was a good sport!