Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Catch Up!

Okay so it has been a little bit and Sadie has just grown and grown and grown!

So forgive me but I have to brag about my cute little girl!!!!!

So... guess who turned 6 MONTHS!

I love those adorable big blue eyes!!!
This is Sadie's cute little friend Rex! He is so sweet and fun! His mom Heather babysits Sadie a couple days a week so that I can go to work, and I watch him when she needs me to. Its been so much fun!
And this is cute Rhett! His mom also helps me out and he comes and hangs out with us sometimes! I hope its okay with them that I put their pictures up. We love having them around and thank you SO MUCH Heather and Jennifer!! You are LIFESAVERS!!!!
She looks a little tipsy in this shot but I love it! Pretty much anything that wasn't meant to be a toy is a toy: paper, magazines, necklaces, water bottles... the list goes on and on...
I went through her room the other day and I found her newborn diapers... all I have to say is :(
I tried to be artsy fartsy in a few of these shots. P.S. She has a herniated belly button. No worries she is just fine. Thats just why it may look a little funny. And believe me some people kind of wondered but she has girly parts! She just may need surgery someday.
Her first time spoon feeding... it started out well...
But this is usually what happens... followed by crying and spitting and crying... so any advice would be appreciated!!!!!!
Daddy was watching her this day..................

On a side note:

Sadie has a new cousin!!!!!!!!!
Corey's brother Jacob and his wife Marina welcomed Cameron James Ostler on March 22, 2010
7 lbs 3 oz.! and oh so CUTE!
If you notice, I'm holding Sadie's hand. She didn't quite know what to make of this new little person that had her Momma's attention so she went for his head a couple of times. Its INSANE the difference is between a newborn and a 6 month old! My baby isn't a baby anymore! SAD DAY!!
Corey with his new nephew.
And there is the happy family!!! Just 5 days shy of their 1st anniversary and they are a family of 3!!! Congratulations you guys!!!!!!!!!!

In Other News:

The red cross calls me constantly for blood donations. I have made appointments but for one reason or another I didn't make it. Until today. The guy messed something up and I got a hematoma... which means I started bleeding outside of the needle. We kept going to see if I could fill the bag and it just got too painful. So here is the bruise today... we will see how it gets in the next couple of days.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Married Musings

Wednesday night:

Me: What movie do you want to watch?
Corey: I don't know pick one
Me: Romancing the Stone?
Corey: No
Me: Indiana Jones
Corey: No
Me: Robin Hood- Men in Tights
Corey: No we've watched those too much
Me: well what do you want to watch?
Corey: I don't know... Lets watch Sleeping Beauty!

.... hee hee hee

Friday, March 12, 2010

Spoon Feeding...

to sum up...................


the end