Monday, June 8, 2009

Pregnancy Etiquette. (In my opinion)

Okay, so the last 6 months have kind of opened my eyes to a lot of things, and have really showed me some people's personalities. Now once again, I don't mean to offend anyone in this post. I just need to get somethings off my chest about my experiences in this journey.

Some rules I think shouldn't be broken, but of course, some people feel differently than I do...

Rule #1
After someone is already pregnant, and they are obviously excited about this blessed event, and you think they may need to grow up a little more, please don't voice your opinion to them. If you think it is stupid, keep it to yourself, or tell someone you can confide in. You would be surprised how bad feelings can be hurt by those comments. (This never happened to me, but I am sad to say that it did happen to someone that I know, and they ended up leaving their job because they were tired of coming home from work in tears because of peoples unwanted opinions.)

Rule #2
Unless the topic of conversation heads this direction, please do not tell a pregnant woman your horror stories about giving birth. I am sure that she (especially if it is her first) is a little nervous, so why would she want to hear all of these horrible things about giving birth if she didn't ask, and doesn't know how her body handles birthing?

Rule #3
If you personally chose to have the baby completely natural, with no assistance of an epidural or local anesthetic, good for you! That is awesome! But, if you encounter someone that has chosen to use the drugs, please don't say anything about how they may not be as strong, and how natural is so much better etc. Obviously if they have been giving these drugs for so long, they aren't THAT horrible.

Rule #4
Unless you are asked, please PLEASE don't give advice. In my opinion, there are only a few people are allowed to give advice when not asked. And please do not assume you are that person, unless you are (at least for me) a parent of the woman having the child!

Rule #5
If you know someone is pregnant, and they are getting a little further along, and you may be able to tell, even in the slightest bit, please tell them! I bet they feel like they are getting huge, and are probably feeling bad that their clothes aren't hanging on them like they once did. The reminder that they look pregnant, and that they aren't just gaining weight would probably help their opinion on their looks.

Rule #6
Again, UNLESS YOU ARE ASKED, please don't suggest names, they may not share your opinion on what is a good name. And if they tell you some names they are thinking of... DO NOT say you don't like it, or its ugly, or a way to make fun of it, or say eww, or anything like that!!!! I guarantee, they will not be very happy! ESPECIALLY if it has already been a little difficult for them to agree on any names, and it is a bit of a miracle that they have a possibility for a name!!!!!!!!!!!! Obviously if they have it as a possibility that means that they like the name. And just because people haven't said negative things about your children's names, it doesn't mean they necessarily think the names you have chosen are so great, it may just mean they may be a little more conscious of the fact that you like the name and therefore you have every right to name them that name and it doesn't matter what other people think!

Okay, I feel better... sorry, just some observations I have made.

Once again... Thanks for listening!

Friday, June 5, 2009

28 Weeks!

Well here I am at 28 weeks! I can't believe I am here! My next doctor's appointment will be the last one I have in the "every 4 weeks" category. Then it goes to 2, and then 1, and then BABY!!! Totally crazy!!!

Things are going really well, everything with baby girl looks good, or at least that is what the doctor says. I took the glucose test and passed it with flying colors! Always a good thing, especially because with this pregnancy I have liked me some SUGA! HAHAHA!!! Last post I have my little "woe is me" time so I won't bother anyone by saying any more. Except.... I feel like a freaking WHALE!!!! This was probably the most flattering shot we took so this is the one I am showing. :)

So yeah... I don't have any other updates on pregnancy, everything seems to be going well, but I do have to stop and tell everyone how sweet my husband is!!!
Lately we have been going through milk faster than we have in the past, so this last trip to Costco we made the big leap and bought 2 gallons!
I was thinking we would probably be okay, but still had a nagging feeling about what if we didn't drink all of it in time? and milk is one of those things I have always had a hard time with consuming after the expiration date.
... So anyway on with my story... I decided that it would be wonderful if we had chocolate milk, and strawberry milk mix! That would definitely help me consume that much milk within the allotted time! Also lately I have been wanting some of the most wonderful comfort food there is... Mac and Cheese!!! I love it!!! totally sent straight from heaven!!! but alas we had gone through our stash.
So we decided we would run to the store to grab these items and have a fantastic night. When we looked at the clock, we realized that one of my favorite shows, "So You Think You Can Dance," was supposed to be starting in 5 minutes! (That's right! another dancing show! gotta love 'em) Well my sweet husband decided that he would make the trip to the store by himself, so that I wouldn't miss my show. AWE!!! (it may not be a big deal to anyone else, but it sure meant a lot to me!)
By the time he returned I had learned that SYTYCD was starting at 8 rather than its usual 7 o'clock slot. But he came back with both chocolate and strawberry mix and... a 12 pack of Mac and Cheese!!! After that he totally let me lay down and relax with my full glass of strawberry milk while he slaved away making our cheesy delight, served it to me, and refilled my glass (with regular milk this time)
After we ate, Corey took both dishes, and my empty glass, and washed them. Then the show came on and we watched that. (Side note: I am so sad they didn't let both of the Casperzan(?) brothers through!!! they both we awesome!!!) As we watched, Corey was so nice to give me a back massage, and massage my hips which have not been feeling wonderful lately. When the show was over, we decided to catch some news, when to my dismay I found... a stretch mark!!!!!!!!!! "Dun, dun, dun" (in gloomy suspenseful tones) I was so sad!!!! I have been lathering myself with cocoa butter religiously everyday, and have not escaped this dreaded day!!! So, I cried! and Corey was so sweet and just held me and let me cry. I told him my fears of him not liking me anymore after this whole thing and he reassured me that it didn't matter if my body was covered in these ugly marks, he would still love me. I just love him!!!
So after we got our fill of state and world events we decided it was time to head to bed. So we laid in bed for a bit while Corey read to me one of his Batman comics. and let me tell you... there is a lot more to the Batman stories than I ever would have thought!!!
Now this last part needs a little back up story, but it will be quick. Corey sleeps with 2 pillows, on for his head, and one he holds on to while he sleeps. I have a body pillow, and one for my head. And last night while we were starting to fall asleep Corey remembered how I told him that I was needing another pillow to prevent me from rolling onto my back, (not good when the baby's weight cuts off circulation in your main arteries) and recalled how I told him I stored an extra pillow that we had under the bed and ripped a big hole in it and that I have been scared to take it out because of not wanting to get feathers everywhere. So my loving, thoughtful husband gave me his pillow, so that I would be comfortable!!! I know, it really may be little to anyone that reads this, but it seriously means the world to me, that he would care about my comfort so much to give me his pillow so I had 3 and he just had his one and only. I just feel so lucky to have him in my life and just want everyone to know that he makes me so happy!!! I love you Corey!!!

P.S. Thanks for tuning in! sorry it was such a long post!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Getting the ball rolling!

Today Corey and I start our prenatal classes! I am pretty excited because its starting to feel like things are actually moving along. So every Monday night for the next 4 weeks we won't be able to hang out or anything, not that we really did before, but just an FYI :)
I am really excited to learn more about pregnancy and giving birth and breast feeding and all that jazz! I was actually just reflecting on where I am now where I was 6 months ago on the whole pregnancy thing. I have actually learned a lot! and a lot about myself in the process!

1- I don't really like as much attention as I once did. I don't mind the questions, but I have found that I like to blend in a lot more and not have all the eyes on me.

2- I am a bit (and by a bit I mean a LOT) more self conscious about the growing tummy and the weight gain than I thought I would be, the acceptance of these didn't come as naturally to me as they have to some people.

3- I never thought at this point I would still be able to fit in my pre-preggo pants, but I can!!!! (with keeping the button unbuttoned of course)

4- I really haven't had too many cravings, they come few and far between.

5- Feeling the baby move inside you pretty much feels like it would feel if someone were touching you on the outside.

6- And while feeling the baby move is a great experience, is a little more annoying sometimes than I thought it would be, especially when she is up in my ribs and I can't really relax.

7- Sleeping on my side isn't as comfortable as it once was, especially when the baby is awake and decides she wants to jump on the bed.

8- I don't mean to offend anyone when I say this, but people asking about names starts to get old, really really fast. The answer is -No, we haven't found a name yet, and no we aren't going to decide on one for sure until we see her and see what she looks like.

Anyway, those are just some things that I have learned about myself, and this whole journey...
I hope it has been a entertaining, enlightening, and interesting. I will post another preggo picture soon. Thanks for reading!