Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A simple request

Today Corey gets reviewed for the Bachelor of Fine Arts at BYU. He has worked so hard on all of his projects and is truly dedicated to his art. This is a huge thing for him and for our little family, so we are just asking you to please keep him in your prayers and thoughts today. We don't find out for about 2 weeks so its going to be kind of intense for a little while. We want to also thank everyone for their love and support! We truly appreciate every single one of you! You have blessed our lives in SO many ways! Thank you!!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

still learning...

Okay so I am still trying to figure out the whole "blog" thing. This has to be my favorite picture of the bunch! and I don't know how to do more than 5 picture on a post. so you get 2 posts today! YAY!!!!

Lots of Weddings!

We had ANOTHER wedding! 2 weddings exactly 2 weeks apart! Needless to say it has been absolutely crazy lately. It has been so fun though! with all the craziness its fun to look back on all the time and effort put into them and you just can't help but feel good. Plus, its so fun to watch friends and family start an eternity with someone they love! This time is it was my best friend, Melissa's wedding. She got married in Manti. I had never been inside that temple and I will tell you that there is just something different about it! I mean, all temples are wonderful and amazing places to be, but I just had a different feeling while I was there. It was amazing! and the sealer did an AMAZING job! And of course... I had to post some pictures!
Here we are getting ready to take pictures outside the temple. and if you are wondering, that is Melissa's brother-in-law Aaron. He is a crack up!

Here they are coming out of the temple. They don't look happy at all do they ;)

Getting ready for bridesmaids pictures at Wadley Farms.

All the bridesmaids with Devin! (Obviously)

Awe! BFF's! HAHA just kidding but not really! I am so happy for her! it was such an awesome day! and she worked so hard to get there. She is a huge example to me!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Its a GIRL!!!

Here I am at 20 weeks! I can't believe I am half way already! Looking back that the first 20 weeks it seems to have flown by but the next seem like forever, but I'm sure when she is here it will all seem like it happened in the blink of an eye! So I am getting "thicker" but haven't quite popped out yet. I am hoping that will come soon so I don't just look like I am gaining a few extra pounds like I do now. And I apologize again, I am not all that photogenic and it is kind of awkward to take these pictures, at least for me. Anyone else feel that way?

So sorry about the super bad fuzzy picture. I was relying on my "super awesome picture taking abilities". And we can all see how that turned out. but you can see her profile kind of so that's good! The tech said that everything looks really good and that is a relief! I was thinking she was a boy but the most important thing is that she is healthy! I don't know if I have felt her yet. Every once in a while I will feel something and I wonder, but nothing to big. And during the ultrasound she didn't seem to be moving to much so I wonder if she will just be a very laid back baby... maybe... well anyway thanks for your guesses! We will continue to keep you posted!
P.S. We are thinking of names but we would LOVE any suggestions so feel free to leave a few if you have any! thanks!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Who would'a thunk...

So I lucked out this April Fool's Day and didn't have any jokes played on me. Well, at least non that a fell for :)
However... I guess you could say that my house kind of played one on me
On Wednesday I decided that I didn't want to steam up my whole bathroom while taking a shower. (we only have one small window in there and no fan so with out fail, it gets all steamy) Anyway... I decided to leave the bathroom door open to keep the air circulating. Well without having a problem anytime before I proceeded to take a shower. All of a sudden, hair full of conditioner I hear the smoke alarm chirp. and not a chirp as in it was out of batteries, a chirp as in earsplitting all hell breaks loose deafening sounds! So I rush trying to get the conditioner out of my hair, while worrying that I am waking neighbors up, and worrying that there is an actual fire. Jump out of the shower (soaking wet) no time to dry off, put on a robe while grabbing a chair to investigate the alarm. I can't get the alarm to turn off, so I called my dad to see if he knew of any tricks or could tell me of something I was doing wrong. He asked if I had burned something, I said no, then asked if I took a shower, which of course I said yes to. well he told me to fan out the bathroom and swing the door to get the steam away from the alarm. I hung up with him and did what he asked and shortly thereafter the alarm turned off. Quite an "adventure".
Well telling Corey that, he didn't really believe that steam from the shower could set off the alarm.
Unfortunately for him (fortunately for me) he had to find out the hard way... Sunday morning, once again the fire alarm goes off, luckily it was a little later in the day but I'm sure our neighbors probably didn't appreciate that much. Corey does what I did and is scrambling around trying to get the thing to turn off while I am laughing hysterically at the situation and at him! Well he comes up to me asking what he should do. I took one look at him and erupted again with laughter, so hard I couldn't stand up straight! He didn't have his contacts in so he had put on his glasses and with all the steam from the bathroom I couldn't see his eye color through the big white, fogged over lenses! Finally I told him to fan the door and eventually the alarm turned off. It may not be funny to whoever reads this, but it sure gave me a good laugh, just thought I would share. Yes who would'a thunk, shower steam can set off a smoke alarm.

At least we know it works right!

OH! P.S.
We find out tomorrow what we are having! I am so excited!!! So if anyone has guesses and reads this before I post some time tomorrow or the next day I would love to know what you think!