Friday, December 9, 2011

The Gospel is Perfect! People are not.

The title pretty much sums up how I have been feeling for a while now.

Forgive my complaints, but I just have a hard time when I show up late to a Christmas Party because of work, only to find my husband and child sitting alone at a table in the middle of the crowded room, with about 6 chairs to spare.

Maybe this should bug me as much as it does, but I know everyone hates to feel like the outcast.

I know that in new wards everyone is shy, everyone stuggles with being out of their comfort zone, getting to know new people, getting the hang of new callings, etc. But I feel like I have put myself out there a lot; trying to be a part of the ward, helping out sisters when they ask, being cheerful and talkative...

And this was a burn.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


So here goes another attempt at blogging.

Well a lot of this is I am not ready to go to bed yet and I need to do something to distract myself from the downstairs neighbors most recent habit of turning on there bass any time AFTER 10:00. So here it goes.

Sadie is turning 2 this month! I can't even believe it. She is talking so much and is such a little lady now. She is so polite and is getting better at telling us what she wants and is really really good at saying thank you for everything we give her! She says so many words now. My little baby isn't such a baby anymore!
Right now she is battling a cold. We are hoping it won't turn into a 3rd battle with pneumonia.
My heart melts when she comes up to me for kisses and says, "I yub you mommy!"

Corey is starting school in a few weeks and will be working hard in the Creative Track at BYU!!! A very competitive program that we were very blessed he got into!!! We are very excited for all the hard work he will be putting into this program and hope that it will lead to great things in the future! If the stars align hopefully next summer we will be off somewhere for an internship.

My life just got interesting! I will be taking over a lot of responsibilities at work which is going to be good, but scary. I am excited for the new challenges and being able to grow in my company. I am seriously blessed to work here! My co-workers are fabulous and they truly care about people. They have helped me SO much with juggling work and motherhood!

I recently started voice lessons which I am SO EXCITED about!!! I finally decided to do something that makes me really happy! I am hoping to audition for some musicals this next year and I can't wait!!! First up: A Christmas Carol at the Hale Center Theatre in Orem!!! We shall see!!!!

Well that is it for now. I really am going to try to keep up with blogging. I need to as a diary for me and my family.

until next time

Monday, March 28, 2011

And here we are again

I have tried several times to start a new post, and I don't know where to start! A lot has happened in the last few months and not knowing how to make blogger all cool just exhausts me. So "here we are again!"

Here are some things we have been up to:


She is 19 months, her vocabulary is growing everyday! and I mean GROWING! She learns so much so fast!

She is in the 60th percentile for weight, and 85th percentile for height

February and the beginning of March were hard for her. She had pneumonia for the second time, was put on ammoxicillin, had a reaction to that and broke out in hives, was put on a steroid, then got sick again because of her weakened immune system.

She graduated from going to Relief Society and Sunday School with mom, to nursery and is doing really well!


Has peed in the potty twice

Loves to count and color

Isn't fond of standing in the corner

Loves to visit her Papa and Nana, and Grandma and Grandpa

Will have a very interesting phone conversation with you using only the words "yeah and hi"


Working at Xactware as a technical support rep.

Taking classes on Tues, Wed. and Thurs


Working very hard to get through school

Having a great time playing with his cute little girl

Hannah Liz:

Working at First Choice Home Health and Hospice, in the billing dept.

Working M,W,F and gets to play with her sweet baby girl the rest of the time

Looking in to vocal lessons and is VERY excited about that!

Exploring different hobbies that may expand her horizons!

All in all we are doing very well! We are feeling very blessed to be where we are. Heavenly Father has been watching over us through our every trial and I am so grateful for his love!

I am hoping to update a lot more often. Hope all is well with everyone!

Thursday, September 2, 2010


MY BABY IS ONE!!!!!!!!!!
Baby and daddy on her birthday

Mommy and her birthday girl!!!

She's so cute!

These pictures are out of order and I don't really know how to work blogger all that well so I will just explain. Sadie was supposed to go in for surgery to fix her little belly button this last Thursday (Aug. 26th 2010) It was rescheduled because the Surgeon had to do an emergency liver transplant so it will now be on Sept. 16th 2010. Which is good because her belly button is so much a part of her that we weren't quite ready to say goodbye to it yet. So here are a few before pictures.

My happy girl! This picture doesn't really do it justice.

We had a birthday party for Sadie a couple weeks ago which was so much fun! This adorable cake was made by my good friend Jen who is AMAZING!!! Thanks Jen you rock!!!

This was taken in June, but I think its cute!

She got so excited about all of her super cute clothes and way fun presents! Thank you everyone for your love and support!

Busy with one of her toys!

Love those baby blues!!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What's your secret?!

Okay so....

I was never really into scrap booking, or homemaking growing up.

While some girls were threading a sewing machine: I was threading my softball cleats.

While some girls were throwing a pie in the oven: I was throwing a grounder to first base.

While some girls were focusing on hanging a picture straight on a wall: I was trying to make a straight line while marching, and playing my flute.

While some girls were learning all these cool techniques to make a house a home: I remain clueless.

So please, tell me your secret. How did you learn to put this color, and that color together and make it look so cute? And how did you learn to make that yummy dinner? And how did you learn to use a sewing machine without jamming it or breaking a needle? And how did you learn to reupholster furniture of crying out loud?!

Is it some skill that you are just naturally born with? Or do they secretly take you to some other world for training on how to do all of these things, that no one bothered to tell me about?!?!?!

So please: what is your secret?!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Goings On

When I first started this blog I told myself I would blog at least once a week... Yeah that didn't happen. So I am finally updating for all of you who have looked at my blog with disappointment the last 2 months or so. Well I don't even know who reads my blog or who cares to read it but nonetheless here is a little glimpse of what has been going on in our lives... I wish I could post more pictures, but I am running out of time and blogger isn't wanting to work for me right now. so here you go:
We went on our annual river rafting trip with my family and had a great time spending time with them and splashing around in the COLD water!

Sadie got to go on the "kiddie run" which I think she enjoyed! She just wasn't a big fan of her life jacket!!! Sorry baby, its a must! And once we got on the water she was fine.

And of course we went to see the midnight showing of ECLIPSE!!! It was by far the best so far and we had tons of fun goofing off, making funny faces for the camera, and playing games!

The whole gang!

Blue Steel!

In June we got to go to Vegas with Corey's family. They have a timeshare out there and we got to join in on the fun! Here is us on the roof of the Marriot we stayed at.

On the strip

It was fun but long days for Sadie

On the roof again

The View from our hotel. We were seriously right off the strip! you can see Excaliber in the top left of the picture.

And of course we have to post about the person you really want to see. Just the cutest little red head in all the world!

Check out THAT bed head!

Sadie is 10 months, 3 weeks and 3 days old! And believe me I want to keep her little as long as possible! I can't believe her first birthday is next month! She just battled pneumonia and came out on top and she is doing great!!!

So tired!

She decided that the way she wants to tell us that she is full is by rubbing her face... this doesn't work so well if you have a spoonful close to her mouth!

She has 10 teeth, (1 year molars are coming in strong)
Her current favorite hobbies are crawling around like a mad woman and pulling herself up, pulling everything out of her diaper bag, and mom's wallet, furrowing her brow then raising her eyebrows and giving you a big smile, waving (when she feels like it) and splashing around in her tub or pool!

She got a new car seat a few months ago and seems to enjoy it as much as a baby likes a car seat :S.

Favorite foods include: yogurt, graham crackers, puffs, grapes, potatoes, and of all things: PICKLES!!!! She loves pickles!!

We cut her hair a few months ago to get rid of the mullet look. I'm surprised how well it turned out! and her hair is just getting longer and longer!!!
So that's our life currently! Hopefully I can do better at keeping up to date!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

50th post!

Wow! 50! I didn't think I had that much to say.

Well, forgive me but today I am bugged. I'm just lacking something. Patience mostly. I just have this icky naggy feeling irritated feeling in my chest. You know the one that you feel like you have a huge weight on your chest and your heart rate increases. I am just really bugged.

I know I should be nicer, and more patient, and have a better attitude about things.

But it really bugs me when people go back on what they say. I try to do what I can to live up to my commitments. I try to be dependable. I hate it when you can't count on people. So I ask that you please please don't make promises that you can't or won't keep.

I do not understand why people feel like they have to have power over other people. Why do people have to show off what they have. Why does it make people feel better to put others down?

UGH! I am so bugged!!!!

I have noticed that I tend to get tired of places easily. We were in our old apartment for 2 years. And have been in this apartment for only a year and I am so done. I don't want to be here any more. I just feel so unsettled. This isn't home to me. Its not a bad place. We have a good amount of space for a good price, but I just want out!

I have been thinking about why that is...

I just want to be done with this whole part of life. I want to be out of school I want to be somewhere else! I have never lived in one state this long in my life. Can we say CABIN FEVER!!!