Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What's your secret?!

Okay so....

I was never really into scrap booking, or homemaking growing up.

While some girls were threading a sewing machine: I was threading my softball cleats.

While some girls were throwing a pie in the oven: I was throwing a grounder to first base.

While some girls were focusing on hanging a picture straight on a wall: I was trying to make a straight line while marching, and playing my flute.

While some girls were learning all these cool techniques to make a house a home: I remain clueless.

So please, tell me your secret. How did you learn to put this color, and that color together and make it look so cute? And how did you learn to make that yummy dinner? And how did you learn to use a sewing machine without jamming it or breaking a needle? And how did you learn to reupholster furniture of crying out loud?!

Is it some skill that you are just naturally born with? Or do they secretly take you to some other world for training on how to do all of these things, that no one bothered to tell me about?!?!?!

So please: what is your secret?!


  1. Haha! I totally agree! I keep saying how much I want a house so I can decorate it, but when it comes time, I know I will be completely clueless!

  2. When you find out please let me know! I am in the same boat you are!

  3. My secret... I must of stood in the same line as you did cause I can hit a ball left handed just as well as I can right handed, but put me near blender and the whole kitchen is covered! I can throw a beautiful spiral football, but I have to consult my husband before turning on a sewing machine. It's a good thing I have Bryan to teach me how to be domesticated.

  4. Color matching: just as clueless

    Yummy dinners: Making food for you and Megan growing up and my Betty Crocker cook book! It's not just the recipes that are important, but the information, like what does "softened butter" mean when making cookies, and what does "smooth and springy" mean when making bread. I learned that stuff from that cookbook, and a little from the internet.

    Sewing machine: I'm starting my first project today with help from my MIL... I hope I don't break her needles! Some people take a class from a sewing shop or even from a college. I had a roommate who took sewing at college and they even have a lab room with machines so you don't need your own yet.

    Reupholstering furniture???

    Any other stuff: I go to the library or search online. Libraries have WAY more stuff than the fiction I love to check out. There are people out there with skills. Youtube doesn't just have stupid videos, it has little homemade cooking shows, knitting and crocheting lessons, computer tutorials, and so on. Sometimes it really helps to see things.

    Hope that helps... if you're actually looking for information. If you're not and you're just venting, then I missed the sarcasm!